Denmark needs all the team players, experts, students and passionate souls coming to our country. 

So let's extend a proper welcome to the new residents who are here and want to be part of our community.

A handshake, a cup of coffee and three questions. That's all it takes for a new adventure to start. Every day, we meet new residents we don't yet know. At our workplace, at the football pitch, in the school yard, in the cafeteria and across the street. The welcome is always the first step towards a new friendship and good collaboration. A welcome and an invitation to a shared meal, football, parents' night or a cup of coffee at work is the beginning of two people learning language and culture faster and with more fun.


The Welcome Alliance is your movement –  Any one of us can make the greeting that says welcome to our communities. 





The welcome alliance

The Welcome Alliance was set up by companies and organisation that want to be frontrunners through action.


The Alliance is initiated by DGI, Nextstep by Bindslev, Maersk, ISS, the Danish Red Cross Youth, Copenhagen Capacity, KAB and International House Copenhagen. The Alliance is supported by the Tuborg Foundation.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to become a partner in the Alliance, please contact Mutya Koudal at email: mutko@kab-bolig.dk 

Watch the partners talk about the Welcome Alliance:


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